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Ten Easy Ways To Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

Here are ten easy ways that a business owner can reduce his or her carbon footprint.

Buy used: When buying used, one will not purchase a product shipped from halfway around the world.

Work from home: A company should allow workers to complete tasks from home.

Cars: If viable, the company should buy a hybrid or electric car.

Vegetarian: When providing company meals, the business should offer vegetarian options.

Recycle: When recycling, one will use fewer resources and burn less fossil fuels in the process.

Web meetings: When conducting meetings, one should use Web cams instead of (more…)

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Determining The Size Of Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

There are some very real impacts of the business that we do on a day to day basis. Most business owners do not pay much attention to the amount of carbon dioxide they are contributing to the environment, but perhaps they should. This number can grow to quite a large amount in a short period of time.

Determining the carbon footprint of your business is not always easy, but it can be done. It is a matter (more…)

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Top Five Reasons Businesses Are Going Green

Many businesses are choosing to go green. By doing so, businesses stand to benefit in a variety of ways. From attracting venture capital to fulfilling a growing need, there are so many different reasons why businesses should be going green.

Attracting Venture Capital

Many venture capitalists have a very serious view on the green space. Mountains of data show that companies that go green are much more likely to see better results in the stock market.

Once a business has become environmentally conscious, it should have no problem attracting the attention of venture capitalists, which will help (more…)

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Easy Go Green Tips

You’ve made the first step – you’ve talked to your boss about a greener workplace and you’ve been scouring to find out which energy providers have the best green practices so you can petition your office to change. Here are a few ideas for suggestions to throw out to the office that help bridge the gap between polluting and going green
Switch to Hand Dryers: Paper towels account for so much waste in bathrooms, particularly at the office. Think about the costs of having powerful hand dryers installed and speak to HR about it.
Turn off Machines: Ask everyone to turn off their computers when they leave for the night and see who’s gung ho. Not only does it save energy for the planet but your office will love the overall electricity savings.
Switch to Green Products: Whether you hire out the cleaning of the office or you do it yourselves, switching to green products is a great way to save money and live healthier, too. What’s good for the environment is also good for your body so plan accordingly.

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Five Simple Ways to Conserve Water In Your Business

Conserving water is something that everyone should do, as respect for a vital resource that is becoming more limited over time. By implementing various practices and ideas in your business it should be possible to reduce the amount of water it uses.
Change the type of toilets and urinals used in your bathroom to a low water usage variety. A gallon of water per flush is a lot and can quickly add up to a large amount in one day. This action should (more…)

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Companies That Can Help Your Business Go Green

When running a business, there are many tasks that are needed to be completed on a daily or even hourly basis. Oftentimes, one might lose track of items that have been on the agenda for quite some time. If you have always been an individual that respects the environment, perhaps you have been meaning to look into making your company more safe for the nature around us. It may seem very daunting to complete or even tackle this job yourself. Why do this on your own? Instead (more…)

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Cleaning Up: The Environment And Your Company

There are many simple ways to green your company; some that require very little time, effort or cost. Consider your computer usage; do you leave your electronic devices, such as computers printers and copiers, on overnight? Simply powering down and unplugging all electronics when you leave for the day can reduce your company’s electricity usage tremendously. Electronics continue to consume elecitricity when plugged in. Unplugging ensures that no electricity is wasted overnight. Also, remember to turn off the lights at your office when you don’t need (more…)

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How Going Green Can Save Your Business Money

Saving the environment is a job for every person on the globe. Commercial premises which leave a larger carbon footprint on the planet have a responsibility to implement environmentally friendly practices. Major businesses can benefit from installing solar panels to the roof of warehouses or any waste land around their properties. The energy harnessed from the sun will run lights, heating systems, and provide all the hot water requirements. This will in time save the business money and help protect the planet.

Wind turbines (more…)